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How to Submit Information

If you have information you would like to add to our family tree you are most welcome to do so.   There are several methods you can use to submit comments, additions or corrections to our family tree.

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If you have a general comment to make about our site click Here.   You can also do this by clicking on the Contact Us menu button at the top of the page or selecting "Contact Us" from the Info drop-down menu.

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Suggest Changes or Additions

While viewing an individual's information page or viewing a family group sheet page you may wish to submit a suggestion or change to that person or family. Simply click on the Suggest Changes/Additions tab and a form will be displayed which you can use to make any suggestions you wish for that person or family. The information will be sent to the site administrator who will evaluate the information, respond to your suggestion and possibly update the site.

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Submit a photo

If you have a photo or document you wish to submit for a person or family please click on the Submit Photo/Doc tab on the individual's page or on a Family Group sheet page.

You will be presented with a form on which you can send the photo or document to the site administrator. Click on the Choose Files button will allow you to choose a file on your computer for submission. After filling out the form simply click on the Submit button.

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Submit a Worksheet

If you wish to submit detailed information about people related to an individual please fill out a Worksheet for that individual by clicking on the Worksheet tab on the person's information page.

A new page will be displayed on which you can enter names, dates and places about the person's mother and father, wife and children.  (Information already known about the family will already be filled in.)   It is very important that you check the Living box next to an individual if that person is now living. If you need to enter more than one child for the person simply click on the plus sign in the Children section to add a line to enter another child's information.  For more detailed instructions click on the Help for this form link in the upper-right of the form.

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