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Welcome to
Davidson Genealogies.

This is a research site.

The Davidson family consists of, likely, 100s of biologically diverse families. Most are brought together by a common bond through in Scotland by their association with the famous Clan Davidson. Our diaspora is now dispersed across most countries of the globe. True, some Davidsons do not descend from Scotland as their Davidson roots are in patronymic names from Scandinavia, England, and elsewhere and some people from other countries, like Russia, adopted the surname Davidson when arriving in America, Britain and elsewhere.

However, my personal research is focused on certain Scottish Davidson families who came to America in the colonial period. In my roles as Genealogist for Clan Davidson Society USA and Registered Researcher for the Davidson Surname with the Guild of One Name Studies (London) I collect data on all Davidsons and support all Davidson researchers. I consult with other Davidson family researchers world-wide who can help.

For me, this web site allows me to share my research. If I have researched your Davidson family, I hope that I have compiled for you a well documented Family Framework that you can use to supplement your own family history. I expect you to add the "music" to bring YOUR family to life and to understand the history of your Davidson family. I hope that you will share with me updates and corrections.

My research is currently divided into two trees:

DNA Family 1. George, Samuel, and John Davison/Davidson came to America from Ireland before 1740. George and John are proven brothers, and Samuel is likely another brother. George and Samuel arrived first in Philadelphia and settled first in Chester county, Pennsylvania in the late 1720s or early 1730s. Their seemingly older brother John arrived just before 1740. John and Samuel bought land and settled in Beverley Manor in Augusta county, Virginia by 1740. By 1748, John was granted land in what is now Iredell county, North Carolina. Although John died shortly afterwards, his family settled there, and his brother George joined them in North Carolina shortly afterwards. Samuel's family removed later to parts of North Carolina that later became a part of South Carolina.

My tree of this family includes several allied families, such as the Iredell county Hall and Stevenson families and the biologically unrelated Rural Hill Davidson family. I have been working on this family now for over 20 years. However, several early families have not yet been documented because others had done that work.

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Davidson families. Cumberland county was organized in the early 1750s as a destination for Scotch-Irish settlers in Pennsylvania. I have identified that major parts of DNA Families 3, 16, and 26 seem to have been early settlers in Cumberland county. Continuing research is showing several other possible different families. This is a research project that I have only worked on for less than five years.

From this page, you can search for your known ancestors and, likely, discover more about them and their ancestors and extended families. Maybe even some things you did not want to know!

Check out the Photos, Documents, and Histories pages as you may find items of interest to you. I encourage you to register for an account with the site as I give registered users access to additional information and abilities. One of the abilities that has been requested, and I can now provide, is the ability for you to upload your own photos and document images.

Lastly, we have an active Davidson Surname DNA project (see www.davidsongenes.org). Our project is based on the Davidson Surname project at FamilyTreeDNA.com.

All Davidson descendants can now take part in this project. The FamilyTreeDNA FamilyFinder test can give all Davidsons information about their Davidson ancestry and all of their other ancestral lines. We need Davidson men to join this project and take a Y-DNA Test. We have been able to correct many previously published Davidson genealogies through DNA testing, yet we still have many important families that have not been characterized with DNA. We will have articles about our DNA research on the Blog portion of this site.

Thank you for stopping by. Please send us comments with your additions, updates, and, even, corrections.

John B. Lisle
Nashua, New Hampshire USA
Genealogist, Clan Davidson Society, USA
Founder and Administrator, Davidson Surname DNA Project
Administrator, RootsWeb Davidson Surname Email Lists
Davidson Surname Registrant, Guild of One Name Studies (London)


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